On the 16th of December 2016, WallaceIT ceased all business operations with the exception of the WallacePOS hosting service.
Michael is now working full time developing software. This website will remain as a portfolio and historic reference.

Finding Technology a Chore?

Technology can be empowering, but finding the right solution is always the key to success. Solutions that don't move to meet businesses requirements can, in the long run be a massive burden on the company.

Here at WallaceIT, we believe that open-source software can give your company huge advantages.

We specialise in creating long term, open source solutions using the latest technology, allowing you to meet currently known requirements, as well as providing flexibility to meet others in the future.

  • Consultations & advice
  • Automation & systems integration
  • Software design & development
  • Cloud Infrastructure & server management
  • Containerisation & deployment systems
    (Continuous integration, automatic deployment, SaaS platforms)
  • Web design & development

For a more comprehensive list of services, click here.

What's open source?